I talk to strangers

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The social media elite are gathering in Austin, TX this week for SXSW. Here’s a reminder for the rest of us…

“No matter how shy you think you are, the person next to you may be even more shy. So be the one to break the ice, and just say hello. Start up conversations with the person in line behind you, with the person walking down the hall near you. Smile and make a comment about the long, long walks between sessions or the beautiful sunshine outside that everyone is missing. I met a guy from Belgium as I walked back to my hotel yesterday and got some wonderful insight into how others perceive our country and our conferences.” Source: 10 More Tips For Enjoying SXSW – WebWorkerDaily

Me? I’m one of those guys that usually talks to strangers. It’s fun. Sometimes it’s rewarding. Last week, while stranded in Detroit, I struck up a convo with a guy named Marty who was my twin separated at birth from a business standpoint. Coincidentally, we were joined my a mutual friend who also ended up being stranded [thank God he had a pass to the Delta Sky Club and could get us in for the rest of the day!] at the Detroit airport until later that evening. Try it! It’s an interesting way to pass the time and sometime, just sometimes, it can be really rewarding. You just have to make the first move…

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