Nickel Creek; NPR Tiny Desk Concert

Top 20 Rock Anthems of All Time According to @rickbeato and @brenebrown

Do you agree with this list? Yes, no or maybe so in the comments below…

Then & Now: David Byrne on SNL

Backstage Acoustic: The Highwomen and Jimmy Fallon Cover Fleetwood Mac

U2 Go Home!

Making a hit pop song

It’s ‘Grammy Sunday’ and one of our favorite programs, CBS Sunday Morning, is looking at Music.

Is there a formula? Here are some additional thoughts…

Finally, here’s another aspect of the power of music to inspire…

While my guitar gently weeps

Freshen Up | Paul McCartney Full Concert

I saw the Freshen Up tour at Lambeau Field. The only thing that might have possibly made it better would have been to see it in Vienna, so here that is…

Junk or pop symphony? You decide

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