Source: “It is No Measure of Health to Be Well Adjusted to a Profoundly Sick Society”

Brain Hacking


How to let go of being a “good” person — and become a better person

#Reinventing Yourself by Steve Chandler

Watch “The Jewel in the Lotus: Cultivating Compassion with @TaraBrach” on YouTube

How to Navigate Grief at Work

Source: How to Navigate Grief at Work – MEL Magazine

We Talked to Experts About Why Most ‘Male Allies’ Are Full of Shit

Source: We Talked to Experts About Why Most ‘Male Allies’ Are Full of Shit – MEL Magazine

When the News is a Trigger: 10 Ways to Lower Stress

With the latest news cycles churning out politically heated and disturbing information on a daily basis ad nauseum, many trauma survivors are finding they are particularly triggered. Specifically, with the recent two-week-long-Kavanaugh-confirmation-to-the-Supreme-Court-drama, sexual abuse survivors (both male and female), are reminded of feelings of hopelessness, powerlessness, and lack of safety. Regardless of what side of the political spectrum you fall on, if you have a trauma history, you are likely quite triggered when you see news which portrays themes of assault survivors being ridiculed and chastised, blamed and shamed and devalued and discounted. Many feel that politics has taken on an entirely new level of impacting mental health for many people who feel disenfranchised, stigmatized, and shunned. Go to the source for some suggestions for riding this wave of political trauma: When the News is a Trigger: 10 Ways to Lower Stress | The Savvy Shrink

Why Women Need Fierce Self-Compassion

Noted compassion author Kristen Neff has an article I feel is worth sharing:

Women need to fully embrace and integrate both tender and fierce compassion if we are ever going to free ourselves from patriarchy: Why Women Need Fierce Self-Compassion – Self-Compassion

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