Connections; the simplest concepts have the deepest roots

Every Sunday, one of my favorite thinkers @davidamerland takes us on a wild ride called the Sunday Read. Tell your brain to get ready and go to the source — enlightenment awaits!

“The simplest concepts have the deepest roots. We can take this as a truism for a self-evident reason: Nothing is simple. When something is as simple to us as pouring water into a glass, even when upside down ( we understand that its inherent complexity is negated to our perception because we are extremely adept at performing it. It is only when we have to design an automata to perform this ‘simple’ task that we begin to realize the underlying level of complexity that remains, usually, hidden from view. Go to the Source: Connections The simplest concepts have the deepest roots. We can take this a…”


224: Cheri Huber; The One You Feed

Eric Zimmer writes: Cheri Huber is the author of 20 books and has been a student of zen for 35 years. She founded the Mountain View Zen Center and the Zen Monastery Peace Center, both in California, where she and other monks teach workshops and hold retreats. She is also a truth telling, light hearted delight to listen to. In this interview, she talks all about what is going on in our mind and how we can better work with it to produce a better experience in life. Her wisdom is so practical and so powerful. See for yourself in this transformative episode. Go the source and listen to the podcast: 224: Cheri Huber – The One You Feed

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