You Won’t Believe What Obama Says In This Video! 😉

Now more than ever with the advent of new audio and video — like ‘deepfake’ — technologies to ‘stay woke, bitches’…

Tell me I’m a good man

Final scene in which Private Ryan, as an older man, sees the grave of Captain Miller and says to his wife, “Tell me I’m a good man.”

Steely Dan @ Sony Music Center, NYC. Band & Crew Rehearsal

Beware of Darkness

7 Things Organized People Do That You (Probably) Don’t Do

Leaders eat last

My son is a former Marine captain. When he was going through Officer Candidate School, he told me there were times when he was leading a unit on an exercise and he didn’t have a chance to eat. Why? “Leaders eat last” he told me…

“This one choice, whether a leader puts themselves or their people first, determines if they are worthy of our love and loyalty.”

If you like this thinking, you can get the book here:

Nickel Creek; NPR Tiny Desk Concert

The Car; Unpacking Minimalism via @theminimalists

Top 20 Rock Anthems of All Time According to @rickbeato and @brenebrown

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