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What do you mean?

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How Flexible Thinking Leads to Greater Happiness

Me? I used to be a very black and white thinker and it make me miserable. It was only when I started to ‘think in the gray’ that life became much better. Use these strategies to feel happier. Source: How Flexible Thinking Leads to Greater Happiness

Relax the fist

I like this thought and this blog…


I hope you can live your life with slightly less firmly clenched fists and slightly more open hands. Slightly less control. Slightly more trust. Slightly less I need to know everything beforehand. Slightly more take life as it comes. It does all of us a world of good. Life doesn’t have to be lived with constant anxiety about things not turning out the way we want. We don’t have to make ourselves smaller than we are. We have a choice. Do we want to grab life by he throat or do we want to embrace it?

Relax that fist as often as you can.

Bjorn Natthiko Lindeblad, I May be Wrongand other wisdoms from life as a Forest Monk.

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The Art of Stress-Free Productivity: David Allen at TEDxClaremontColleges

Life is Great When It’s Ending; The Philosophy of Seneca

Getting older? Awesome!


Thomas is my hero! Why? He always puts himself at the service of the team

Learn more about him here:


Grant and Twain: The Story of a Friendship That Changed America

Germany v England | 2010 FIFA World Cup | Full Match

Another in the great games in German Football history series…

What Cats Teach Us about Happiness

“Most of us would agree that cats and humans are vastly different. We tend to think of ourselves as more developed, as a higher species, not just because of our superior intelligence but also because we gave ourselves the gift of morality and ethics. Unlike cats, weknow about what’s good and evil, right and wrong, and we aspire to transcend our animalistic tendencies to improve morally and make the world a better place. Cats, on the other hand, don’t care about morals. They don’t have ambitions to improve the world either, nor themselves.

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We Worry About Problems We Don’t Even Have

Two people attend a house party, where they socialize with the same guests, drink from the same beer tap, and are exposed to the same music and atmosphere. They decide to share a taxi and drive home when the party is over as they live closely together. “That party really sucked,” one person says. “The beer was terrible, the DJ was really bad, and the guests were insufferable.” Then the other person says smiling joyfully: “Really? I just had the best party in years. It was awesome.”

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Inveniam viam

Aut inveniam viam aut faciam” (or “Aut viam inveniam aut faciam“) is Latin for “I shall either find a way or make one.”[1][2][3] The first word “aut” may be omitted, corresponding to omitting the English word “either” from the translation.

The phrase has been attributed to Hannibal; when his generals told him it was impossible to cross the Alps by elephant, this was supposedly his response. The first part of the sentence, “inveniam viam”, “I shall find a way,” also appears in other contexts in the tragedies of Seneca, spoken by Hercules and by Oedipus, and in Seneca’s Hercules Furens (Act II, Scene 1, line 276) the whole sentence appears, in third person: “inveniet viam, aut faciet.”[4]

Source: Inveniam viam – Wikipedia

Dear Mom and Dad, Thank You for the Years of Trauma via @tinybuddha

“Dear Mom and Dad, thank you for the hard lessons. Thank you for creating me. Thank you for being who you were or weren’t to me.” Read on: Dear Mom and Dad, Thank You for the Years of Trauma – Tiny Buddha

Einzelgänger; one of my favorite YouTube channels

Just an exploration of ideas and topics, which hopefully inspires, resonates and entertains. Einzelgänger provides analyses, reflections, and elaborations with a dose of “as I see it.” The purpose of the material provided by Einzelgänger is to entertain, inspire, resonate and share the love of ideas with others. This isn’t a clinical/medical service or replacement of mental health professionals, nor an academic resource. Source: Einzelgänger

How to Make the Baggage of Your Past Easier to Carry

Rewriting the stories you tell about yourself can make for a better future. Source: How to Make the Baggage of Your Past Easier to Carry

5-Minute University

In the last millennium, there was a character on SNL called Father Guido Sarducci and one of his favorite thoughts was the 5-Minute University. Watch here…

While humorous, there’s great truth in that concept. In a similar fashion, Brian Johnson has applied this concept to some of the world’s great books. He calls them philosopher’s notes and they are available at no cost on his site http://optimize.me — you only need to create a free account to access them. Here’s an example:

Here’s an audio commentary on Marcus Aurelius’ meditations as an example. There’s a video, audio and text version (see below) of every Philosopher’s Note and Brian always delivers on his tagline: more wisdom in less time.

Summary of The Meditations of Marcus Aurelius

I find no fault in these thoughts; in fact, I find great wisdom, encouragement and comfort.

Orangutan driving golf cart like in The Sopranos

I don’t know why I find this so humorous but I do!

This is what I’ve trained for, this is my discipline!

“Epictetus wrote, “So, what should each of us say to every trial we face? This is what I’ve trained for, this is my discipline!” Hey, a boxer who gets punched in the face won’t leave the ring, it’s what he prepared for, it’s his discipline.

Source: “The Little Book of Stoicism” Quotes – Ben Rosenfeld

Sam Elliott pays tribute to SGT Ray Lambert on the 2019 National Memorial Day Concert

This is why and how we honor our soldiers.

Steve Kerr Delivers Powerful Message After Mass Shooting At Elementary School

What will it take, America? A basketball coach? Ok, here you go…

MIT Has Predicted that Society Will Collapse in 2040

Will they be right?

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