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Who Really Runs Your Relationship?

New research shows how to find out who’s the boss in your relationship. Source: Who Really Runs Your Relationship?

Are We There Yet? Fall in #PureMichigan

The arc of Nate

Went back and started watching Ted Lasson Season 2. I had forgotten that episode 1 starts with a zoom out from a closeup of Nate and episode 12 ends with a zoom in. They were setting the table all season long!

Episode 1 beginning
Episode 12 ending

The RAIN of Self-Compassion via @tarabrach

Protect Yourself from Belittling Sadistic Manipulators

How to recognize and negate nasty gaslighting tactics like hoovering: Protect Yourself from Belittling Sadistic Manipulators

Dart Game #tedlasso

The Three Buddhist Steps to Repairing #Relationships

“The intention of deep listening and loving speech is to restore communication, because once communication is restored, everything is possible.” Source: The Three Buddhist Steps to Repairing Relationships

When Nice Is Not Nice with @gtdguy

One reason why people leave meetings not knowing what to do next:

10 Intentions To Set For Your Most Authentic Life

Intentions are the fuel for manifesting your goals and visions: 10 Intentions To Set For Your Most Authentic Life

Realizing Your Deepest Desires, with @TaraBrach

The Buddha taught that this whole life – including our thoughts, feelings and actions – arise from the tip of intention. While our intentions are usually marbled with wanting and fear, when intention comes into the light of consciousness, it unfolds into its most pure essence. This talk explores ways that when we are stuck in reactivity, we can become aware of intention, and find our way to the aspiration that expresses our most awake and loving heart.

“If we really look at our decision-making and how we move through a day it’s based on feelings so then the question is what domain of feelings are we operating off the fight flight freeze fear and grasping or is it from what is considered the purity that’s underneath which is really our deepest aspiration?”

Wellness Is an Effort

Worry once kept us alive. Now it is slowly killing us. Source: Wellness Is an Effort

Carpe Discordia: Seize the Conflict

Society often avoids conflict, which only serves to magnify and perpetuate it. Source: Carpe Discordia: Seize the Conflict

We Hit—“Spank”—Infants and Children

And we wonder where violence comes from? Source: We Hit—“Spank”—Infants and Children

The Detrimental Effects of Microaggressions

A new systematic review categorizes microaggressions and their consequences: The Detrimental Effects of Microaggressions

Stay or Leave? Every Relationship’s Million Dollar Question

Knowing the best answer is tough, but several strategies can help: Stay or Leave? Every Relationship’s Million Dollar Question

15 Questions to Help Decide if a Relationship Has a Future

Answering simple research-based questions can help assess a relationship: 15 Questions to Help Decide if a Relationship Has a Future

A Secret to Improving Your Relationship

Knowing how your partner’s brain works is key to relationship happiness: The Secret to Improving Your Relationship

Tools for modern citizens via @sethgodin

It has taken us by surprise, but in our current situation, when everyone has more of a voice and more impact on the public than ever before, it suddenly matters. Read more here: Tools for modern citizens

Stoicism 101 via @10percent

Excellent overview of stoic thinking. Highly recommended for those who think that being a Stoic simply means having a stiff upper lip. Source: #382. Stoicism 101 | Nancy Sherman — Ten Percent Happier

Holding Two Thoughts at the Same Time Is Hard and Important

Learn to live in the ‘messy gray’. Source: Holding Two Thoughts at the Same Time Is Hard and Important

People under 40 will experience ‘unprecedented life’ of climate change disasters, study says

Children born today will live through seven times more heatwaves, twice the wildfires, and three times the droughts, river floods and crop failures: People under 40 will experience ‘unprecedented life’ of climate change disasters, study says

You can find some thoughts on relieving the anxiety the thought causes here: https://www.tenpercent.com/podcast-episode/jay-michaelson-384

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