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Even Heroes Age


David Amerland writes: “I had time on my hands this Sunday as the internet was down so I found myself indulging in my other pastime: museums. This one had me thinking deep. This is a remarkable statue dating to Roman Times in North Western Greece so it is approximately 1900 years old. It is very well preserved but what it depicts is of greater interest.

It shows Hercules as an old man. Draped over his right shoulder is the hide of the lion he killed as one of his labors. But gone is the vigor of youth. No more bulging muscles or chiselled cheekbones. His face is round. His body soft, slightly rotund. The usual steely gaze replaced by a more thoughtful mien.”

Get more at the source: https://plus.google.com/u/0/+DavidAmerland/posts/4SWPjxVkwJq

“When a ruler is silent on the subject of virtue,  the people are discouraged from practicing it. Meanwhile, a ruler who revels in riches encourages thievery. Value virtue over wealth, and the people’s hearts will be at rest. Wise rulers do not accumulate treasures,  but seek to quiet the hearts of their people.  They soothe the people’s appetites and strengthen their bones. They treasure innocence,  and protect the simple from the schemes of the clever. When a ruler practices restraint, everything will be in peace.” Chapter 3

“The Tao that can be understood  is not the eternal, cosmic Tao,  just as an idea that can be expressed in words is not the infinite idea. And yet this ineffable Tao  is the source of all spirit and matter; expressing itself,  it is the mother of all created things. Not to desire material things  is to know the freedom of spirituality; and to desire them is to suffer  the limitations of matter. Yet these two things, matter and spirit, so different in nature, have the same origin. This unity is the mystery of mysteries, and the gateway to spirituality.” Chapter 1

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