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What do you mean?

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7 Benefits of Silence That Most People Ignore

Quiet time can heal your heart and refresh your mindset. Learn seven benefits of silence that can help you restore a positive attitude. Source: 7 Benefits of Silence That Most People Ignore

We’re Hard-Wired to Crave Nature

Too little green in your life? You’re not alone. But can science prove that you’re hardwired to crave nature? Source: We’re Hard-Wired to Crave Nature – Mindful

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Just like that with no explanation. Maybe it was this post about climate change?

Just Because You Think It, Doesn’t Mean It’s True

Michigan Convert

I recently moved to the town of New Buffalo, MI in the lower left hand corner of ‘the Mitten’ as Michiganders like to call it. If you like these pictures, you might like to follow that account as well. Most of the images are taken with my trusty Mavic Mini 2 drone which is a source of constant delight to me…

Not familiar with New Buffalo? Maybe the map will help…

Wouldn’t it be nice?

Wouldn’t it be nice if we were older?

Then we wouldn’t have to wait so long

And wouldn’t it be nice to live together

In the kind of world where we belong?

You know it’s gonna make it that much better

When we can say goodnight and stay together

Wouldn’t it be nice if we could wake up

In the morning when the day is new?

After having spent the day together

Hold each other close the whole night through

But happy times together we’ve been spending

I wish that every kiss was never-ending

Oh, wouldn’t it be nice?

Maybe if we think and wish and hope and pray, it might come true…

Achieve your purpose

Raffaello Palandri's Blog

To set yourself free to achieve your true purpose, become aware of who you really are, what you really want, why you do things the way you do them.

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Happy Pride Month 🌈

Raffaello Palandri's Blog

June is LGBTQIA Pride Month, let’s celebrate!!

Image taken from Internet

Let this be a month that celebrates and fosters inclusion, love, and respect!

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Why I Don’t Regret That I Didn’t Walk Away from My Relationship Sooner

When the pain of staying was greater than the fear of leaving, it was time to walk away. Here’s why I don’t regret staying as long as I did. Source: Why I Don’t Regret That I Didn’t Walk Away from My Relationship Sooner – Tiny Buddha

Shocks, Beatings, Mock Executions: Inside Kherson’s Detention Centers

How long will we stand by?

Improve yourself

Another good question…

Raffaello Palandri's Blog

One of the first goals we should aim at is to improve ourselves by committing to becoming aware of what limits us and removing it.

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Tuesday Morning Wake-Up Call

David Kanigan shares…

Live & Learn

I don’t know about you Coach. But I hope that either all of us or none of us are judged by the actions of our weakest moments, but rather by the strength we show when and if we’re ever given a second chance.
— Ted Lasso, “Mom City” (S3, E11)


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109 years expressed as an operating code of life via @davidkanigan

Among Charlie’s things after he was gone, his family found a single sheet of notepaper, on which Charlie had boiled 109 years into an operating code of life. Go to the Source: a single sheet of notepaper, on which Charlie had boiled 109 years into an operating code of life

Think About Your Death and Live Better

Contemplating your mortality might sound morbid, but it’s actually a key to happiness. Source: Think About Your Death and Live Better

Healing flute


Do your best!

Raffaello Palandri's Blog

I have always believed that learning more was a mission as I am sure that the more I will know, the better I will be able to help, serve, and take care of those I follow and support.

Learning is an activity that gives impressive results when done with attention and commitment. And the positive thing is that we can learn from everyone and everything, every single moment of our lives.

Image taken from Internet

Over the years, I have developed a way to learn better, to foster curiosity, interest, commitment, motivation, and purpose.

Learning can be the key to whatever we want and hope to achieve. It’s how we set ourselves free from what limits us, allowing us to help other people.

Learning is caring.

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The Path of Right View

Koun Franz on seeing what’s in front of you, even the things you’d rather not see. Go to the Source for more: The Path of Right View – Lions Roar

What things do Buddhism and Greek Orthodoxy have in common?

Buddhism and Greek Orthodoxy are two of the world’s oldest religions, and they share a number of similarities. Here are a few of the things that Buddhism and Greek Orthodoxy have in common:

  • A focus on the individual: Both Buddhism and Greek Orthodoxy emphasize the importance of individual spiritual development. In Buddhism, this is achieved through the practice of meditation and mindfulness, while in Greek Orthodoxy, it is achieved through prayer, fasting, and good works.
  • A belief in karma: Both Buddhism and Greek Orthodoxy believe in the law of karma, which states that every action has a reaction. This belief encourages people to live moral lives and to avoid doing harm to others.
  • A focus on compassion: Both Buddhism and Greek Orthodoxy emphasize the importance of compassion for others. This compassion is expressed in both religions through acts of charity and kindness.
  • A belief in the afterlife: Both Buddhism and Greek Orthodoxy believe in an afterlife, although they have different views on what happens after death. In Buddhism, the goal is to achieve nirvana, which is a state of perfect peace and enlightenment. In Greek Orthodoxy, the goal is to be reunited with God in heaven.
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Viktor Frankl: Greatest Quotes

Viktor Frankl, born on the 26th of March 1905 in Vienna, was an Austrian born neurologist, psychiatrist and philosopher. Frankl founded a school of thought called logotherapy, proposing that a search for meaning is the ultimate purpose in a person’s life. Through meaning we have direction and purpose. Go to the source to learn more: Viktor Frankl: Greatest Quotes

Focus on what you can change

This is a truth…

Raffaello Palandri's Blog

One useless activity that drains your energy is worrying about things you do not have control over. Focus on the ones you can change, to grow.

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Mastering Men’s Self-Care With ChatGPT?

5 innovative strategies to elevate your well-being. Source: Mastering Men’s Self-Care With ChatGPT?

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