Hidden health benefits await you in the woods

Slow down and appreciate nature for proven relaxation! Source: Hidden health benefits await you in the woods – Be Yourself


MissPronouncer: A Wisconsin pronunciation guide

MissPronouncer is a halfway decent audio resource for learning how to pronounce names of Wisconsin places and people. Source: MissPronouncer: A Wisconsin pronunciation guide

The Gomers got an idea from the popular song, “I’ve Been Everywhere,” substituting cities in that frequently-covered song with Wisconsin places. The Madison-based group calls their version “I Been Over Dere.” With over 100 Wisconsin cities mentioned in the lyrics, can you find your hometown?:

In 1992, the people of Queensland, Australia were posed the following question: “Are you in favour of daylight saving?” The answers would decide the future of time in the state. Queensland, which didn’t have daylight savings time (as it is often called in the US and Canada), had just undergone a three-year trial of pushing…

via When daylight savings time was put to a vote — Quartz

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