Day 90: Lesson 5 from quitting booze and sugar. Exercise self-compassion.

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My goodness! What a difference this made!

I used to think that the harder I was on myself, the more likely I was to succeed. As much as I hated the mental beatings, they felt like a necessary evil. How was I ever going to get anywhere if I went easy on myself?

I had no idea that all I was doing was creating the illusion of control. I never felt better and rarely did better as a result. All I did was stress myself out and since stress is the enemy of willpower and mental strength it’s fair to say I was actually making the situation worse. I had to find a way to reduce stress and gain genuine control.

I found the key in “The Willpower Instinct” by Kelly McGonigal PH.D. It is absolutely packed with useful and fascinating information but one of the most surprising…

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Glory Days

When is the Best Time to Fix the Roof

Hint: When the Sun Is Shining

Psychology Explains 10 Ways To Let Go of Worry

Worry can be debilitating, but it doesn’t have to be. How to let go of moments and feelings of worry, you’ll be able to live life to the fullest: Psychology Explains 10 Ways To Let Go of Worry

Why is human quotient getting lost?

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Running behind life,

Catching up breaths,

Aiming to make more and more,

Are we forgetting less is more?

Wandering between desks,

Staring at our screens,

Struggling with our dreams now bigger,

Are we missing on life’s little treasures?

Boasting of being connected,

Thousands of emails to check,

Hours spent texting and messaging,

I ask,Are we really talking?

Phones talk on dinner tables,

Mental maths has taken a toll,

Gadgets have replaced family values,

The question remains, Are we even caring?

Now eyes don’t meet in person,

Neither is laughter shared in real,

In pursuit of higher Intelligence

Are we ignoring the Human essence?

When humans remain no human,

Technology replaces emotions,

Grannies don’t tell stories any more,

Kids ask questions to “Alexa” more.

I know it all, thanks to Google,

The mind has forgotten to doodle,

Life’s become so dependent,

And we call ourselves independent.

In pursuit of higher IQ

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WON’T YOU BE MY NEIGHBOR? Fred Rogers Documentary

What a great documentary – it brought tears to my eyes…

Shifting #time

Parental alienation syndrome

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