GMail, Google and GSuite Accounts: @dottotech sorts it out

Are you confused about how Google Accounts work within Gmail and G Suite? Watch this:

Here’s something I want to add to Steve’s observations…

Convert Your Audio and Video to Text with Rev

Need transcriptions? Watch this…

A Google Account; so much more than just Gmail

Whenver I begin to work with a new client, I immediately establish a Google Account that we both can share. Why? For practical starters, I don’t want access to someone’s Gmail account — that’s a whole lot of trust issue that I don’t want to deal with. Second, the account gives us a place to create, share and store together. Third? Look at all the tools that come with a Google account at no additional cost. There’s simply nothing that beats a Google Account for good, fast and cheap!


6 Powerful Google Keep Add-ons (And Two Hidden Features)

Google Keep; Simple and Clean Note-taking App

Google Translate 2018: Instant Interpreter!

You Don’t See in 4K

Debate: Have Dating Apps Killed Romance?

Note to Self’s Manoush Zomorodi and OkCupid’s Melissa Hobley debate whether dating apps have “killed romance”: Debate: Have Dating Apps Killed Romance? | The Brian Lehrer Show | WNYC


DJI’s Mavic 2 Pro drone is a truly stunning flying camera

The latest drone from DJI is worth noting. Besides being a hella lotta fun, drones CAN be important business tools as well. At least that’s what I tell my accountant…

Bright, shiny objects!

DJI’s latest drone shows how far its technology has come in a short period of time: DJI’s Mavic 2 Pro drone is a truly stunning flying camera

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DJI’s Mavic 2 Pro drone is a truly stunning flying camera

DJI’s latest drone shows how far its technology has come in a short period of time: DJI’s Mavic 2 Pro drone is a truly stunning flying camera

How to use third-party Actions on Google Home

Third-party services are now available on Google Home. Here’s how to enable and use them: How to use third-party Actions on Google Home

The complete list of Google Home commands so far

The Google Home might not have Alexa skills, but there’s still plenty it can do. Here’s our ever-growing list: The complete list of Google Home commands so far


From Lycos to Ask Jeeves to Facebook: Tracking the 20 most popular web sites every year since 1996

From Lycos to Ask Jeeves to Facebook: Tracking the 20 most popular web sites every year since 1996 – The Washington Post.

The Internet you can’t Google

Google has placed in its index an estimated 35 trillion Web pages across the Internet worldwide. While this is an amazing statistic, believe it or not, 35 trillion is barely the tip of the iceberg.

Google’s index represents only an estimated 4 percent of the information that exists on the Internet.

This is not a typo or misprint. The actual information that exists on the Web is impossible to know, but is estimated to be 500 times what is currently available through Google. Hard to believe, but true.

via The Internet you can’t Google.

Inbox tabs in Gmail…

Inbox Tabs in Gmail are a valuable tool for making sure you handle your most important email first. Watch this video and see not only how it works at the desktop level but also on iOS and Android as well…

If you like that, follow it up with my favorite 7+ Gmail features…

Beware of ‘extension creep’ in Chrome…

Chrome is powerful, but it’s a memory hog too! Unnecessary or inactive extensions can suck the life out of your internet experience. Do a clean up today! I’m going to…

7-18-2013 7-38-03 AM

Trusting prana…

Trusting Prana by Danna Faulds, with edits:

Trust the energy that

Courses through you Trust,

Then take surrender even deeper. Be the energy.

Don’t push anything away. Follow each

Sensation back to its source

In vastness and pure presence.

Emerge so new, so fresh that

You don’t know who you are.

Welcome in the season of

Monsoons. Be the bridge

Across the flooded river

And the surging torrent

Underneath. Be unafraid of consummate wonder.

Be the energy and blaze a

Trail across the clear night

Sky like lightning. Dare to

Be your own illumination.

via (1) Tara Brach – Poem from last Wednesday’s talk: TRUSTING PRANA….

Tools for Tuesday; Hootsuite

Why settle for being a rockstar on one social network when you can amp multiple platforms all at once? Please give me 5 minutes of your life…

Here’s what posts added via the autoschedule feature look like in the publishing queue. You can click the image to enlarge…

5-8-2013 4-14-00 PM

Change Your Life In 2 Seconds

Pema Chodron writes:

One of the lines that I really like in Gaylon Ferguson’s book Natural Wakefulness is “Distraction is married to discontent.” You could test this out in your own experience. There’s nothing as real and direct and counterhabitual as being present with yourself, just as you are, with your emotions just as they are.

As difficult as that can be, the result of that training is nonstruggle: not rejecting your experience, fully engaged with yourself, with the world, there for other people. Another result of coming back to being with yourself, just as you are, is that emotions don’t escalate. Continue reading “Change Your Life In 2 Seconds”

Want to be a better blogger?

Use Google Reader to find and share good information:


Time for a course correction? Updated 12/13/2012

Here’s another post in an infrequent series that I do to give back to the community

A famous comment usually attributed to Lord Leverhulme goes: “I know that half of my advertising budget is wasted, but I’m not sure which half”. The same is true of your blogging and social media time! How can you tell if you’re on track? Which 50% is working? What can you do if you’re off course? Well, the simplest way may be to check your stats for the past year and see what links people are actually clicking on…

12-12-2012 5-21-44 AM
Click to enlarge…

…then give them more of what they like and less of what they don’t! @jonswanson reminded me that reviewing your mosts popular posts and doing more like them is a good review do to as well!

12-13-2012 6-26-13 AM

Another interesting way is to add twitter tool Twylah to your mix. Twylah brings your brand message into focus, extends the life of your tweets, and helps you get discovered beyond Twitter. Twitter you say? I don’t even use that! Well, you might want to start! I use the sharing feature in the WordPress settings to send every WordPress post to Twitter as a way of amplifying my posts. I also use Twitter to share articles that I don’t feel like sharing on the blog. Together — my blog posts and my tweets — create what I call a lifestream and Twylah is the place where I put that lifestream. Twylah automagically organizes my lifestream by topic and gives me a pretty good indication of how the internet views my lifestream. If the topics are way off, it might be time for a course correction! If the topics look like who you want to be known as, then Twylah provides that validation as well…

12-12-2012 5-44-39 AM

Another reason why I love Twylah in closing is that I can host Twylah on my domain so that I can effectively add Twylah to my blog and get Search Engine Optimization [SEO] benefits from my tweets as well. Oh, and did I mention that Twylah is free?

Blogging in the community is fun, but if you actually want to be recognized as an authority in an area and get found when people are looking for you, these two tools may be all you need to amp your internet presence! Oh, and by the way if you’re looking for or ‘thought leadership’ marketing coaching, you can stop by my business site at

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