4 Questions to Ask Before Wearing a Safety Pin

Are you among the many Americans who are considering wearing a safety pin after this election? This simple object has quickly emerged as a sign that the wearer is willing to offer a safe space for women, immigrants, Muslims, LGBTQ, people of color, and other groups marginalized by the rhetoric of President-elect Donald Trump.Members of marginalized groups have good reason to fear. They have been suffering from a sharp spike in hate crimes after the election, part of a broader wave of hate crimes associated with Trump’s election campaign. The surge of hate crimes in the US parallels a similar rise in hate crimes against immigrants in the UK after Brexit. Indeed, the US safety pin movement is adapted from the post-Brexit UK safety pin movement, which symbolizes support for immigrants there.Progressive US media venues are advocating strongly for the seemingly small step of wearing safety pins. Stores across the United States are running out of stock. Yet there are hidden dangers in wearing safety pins, as shown by the post-Brexit safety pin movement. Here are the 4 questions you need to ask before wearing a safety pin to help you avoid these dangers.

Source: 4 Questions to Ask Before Wearing a Safety Pin | Psychology Today

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