7 Steps to Developing Good Habits

The Purpose Fairy writes:

Good habits and productivity go hand in hand. If you want to see positive changes with your productivity, there must also be positive changes with your habits. Sticking with your old ways that do not benefit your productivity would not make you a more productive person. You would just get the same result as before. The things that you routinely do each day develop into traits that become natural in you over time. Veering away from this routine could be difficult and uncomfortable. This applies to eliminating the bad habits that you may have been used to doing for years and working on creating new good behaviors that would bring positive impact to your productivity. No change is easy, but this shouldn’t discourage you from continuously doing what you know needs to be done for your productivity’s sake. As days go by, you would get used to your new routine and before you know it, you have already adapted with your new habits.

Source: 7 Steps to Developing Good Habits – Purpose Fairy

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