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I used to start my day every morning by saying ‘Alexa, start my day’ and I’d get a mix of the latest national, state and local news and I’d listen in the background while I’d drink my coffee and wake up. Last week I changed that habit and instead I now say ‘Alexa, shuffle the ‘Start me up’ playlist on everywhere’ and my entire apartment is filled with my favorite upbeat music. I start my day singing and dancing and I continue to listen while I walk a couple of miles, stretch and meditate and my life is better as a result. Here’s my list in case you’d like to use it — I think my taste in music’s pretty good thanks to decades of listening to 93XRT in Chicago and I think that with the help of Spotify I’m a pretty good curator. If you think you can do better do it! The question is what can you do to get your day off to a better start?

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