Hardwired to Hate?

Lessons from Dr. King and neurobiology: Hardwired to Hate?

While my guitar gently weeps

No one ever played the game like Michael

Remember Susan Boyle?

New Research Shows How Sleep Clears Toxins from the Brain

The sleeping brain performs critical functions that affect cognition and memory: New Research Shows How Sleep Clears Toxins from the Brain

Documentary: Under the Great Lakes


Freshen Up | Paul McCartney Full Concert

I saw the Freshen Up tour at Lambeau Field. The only thing that might have possibly made it better would have been to see it in Vienna, so here that is…

How Anchoring Bias Makes You Dumb

Be warned, your subconscious mind often drops anchor in the strangest of ports: How Anchoring Bias Makes You Dumb

How Much Sleep Do You Really Need?

New neuroscience study offers surprising insights about sleep duration: How Much Sleep Do You Really Need?

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