Jail Cell Cold Open

Don’t look to them to make it right

Power of Awareness: Power of Awareness

Netflix’s ’Our Planet’ Exposes The Devastating Collapse Of A Glacier

Filmed entirely in Ultra High Definition, the project was first announced back in 2015 but is finally dropping this week: Netflix’s ’Our Planet’ Exposes The Devastating Collapse Of A Glacier

Buddhist View of Love and Compassion

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By Venerable Jampa Drolma and David Mayer.

The definition of love in Buddhism is something quite different from the ordinary term ‘love’ we regularly use in our daily life. It is not in relation to attachment or lust but love with a sense of good-will and from the depths of one’s heart that we direct a sincere wish for sentient beings (all living beings with a mind) to be happy and have the causes that gives rise to happiness. 

So from this definition, we can translate it as loving-kindness, or unconditional love.

Silhouette of mother kissing child on head

 We all have this potential within ourselves and it arises from a gentle- warm heart. If we are willing to activate this and allow ourselves to open our heart and open our mind, this loving–kindness is the most powerful emotion. Why? Because with love our suffering is relieved, it brings protection…

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This May Be Why You Can’t Communicate Well In Your Relationship

Here’s how to deescalate a conversation that’s going off the rails: This May Be Why You Can’t Communicate Well In Your Relationship

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