Unfuck yourself!

Recently, I said to a good friend ‘I accept that my life is fucked. Now I need to know what to do to UNFUCK it.’ and that reminded me of author Gary John Bishop and his book Unfuck Yourself:

“It’s not that you have to find the answer, you are the answer.” This book will require you to seek the answer, not out there, but inside of yourself. It’s not that you have to find the answer, you are the answer. As I’ve said to my clients many, many times, people spend their lives waiting for the cavalry, all the while never realizing they are the cavalry. Your life is waiting on you to finally show up.

Bishop, Gary John. Unfu*k Yourself: Get Out of Your Head and into Your Life (pp. 15-16). HarperOne. Kindle Edition.

If you’re the kind of person that sometimes needs a good Scottish coach to tell you to get your shit together, then Gary John may be just what you need!

If you like the video then you’ll love the book!

If this kind of talking to gets you energized, then check out his YouTube channel and you can get his podcasts on your favorite player.

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