This is a test of dictation in Google Docs

This is a test of dictation in Google Docs to see whether it’s usable for posting to my blog. Here’s my dilemma; I love to talk but I hate to write. I’d much rather do a voice recording or YouTube video or a Facebook live session than write, but the problem is that Google cannot search within audio or video files so for the time being text is still the coin of the realm in blogging.

So far this is working pretty well. In the first paragraph there was one glaring error that the spell checker in Google Docs or language tool proofreading was not able to catch. I have tested this process before without a lot of success but it seems to be working better than it has in the past. The MacBook Pro that I’m using is about 6 years old with only 4 gigabytes of memory so it’s not the most powerful machine that I’ve ever use however dictation seems to be working quite well despite the limitations of the equipment and there does not seem to be an undue tax on system resources that would prevent me from using this in the future.

So I guess I don’t see any reason not to use this; all the resources are free including Google Docs and the WordPress add-on from Auttomatic. I may want to continue to search for a grammar checker that will do a better job than the one that I’m currently using but when you consider that I was able to dictate this entire post with over only having to make two edits it’s really not a bad outcome.

How about you? What stops you from doing the blogging that you need to do?

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