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The Sage Within via Mindfully Musing

Tara LeMieux’s website is worth following for posts like this…

Reading Time: 1 minute. In the earliest hours of morning, before the bustling of day settles in – there is a space that begs our invitation; one that encourages our heart’s rest. In these first fleeting moments, stillness stretches her arms into thoughtful arabesque. It is here in this space where our awareness begins to form…

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If you can’t stop watching TV long enough to get your life together you seriously don’t want to change. That’s basic s***. It’s the bare minimum, to be honest. So what will it be? Netflix or a better paying career? Donuts or about a body you can be proud of? Video games or a loving relationship?

Every time you think you can’t stop that’s just another excuse. You can. You can and you will. Stop buying yourself off. Stop letting your own internal condition dominate the quality of your life — take back the wheel. If you continue to be led by your emotions of regret you’ll eventually live that vision on your deathbed thinking what if…

Gary John Bishop, Unf*ck Yourself

Find good s*** and share it

One of the best definitions of content marketing I ever heard was simply this; find good s*** and share it. that little beauty comes from thought leader Jason Falls and I have never found a better definition since the day I came across it.

The Divine is in the details however and it’s not the simple process of just finding good s*** anywhere and sharing it anywhere; it is developing a simple leather rinse repeat process that will get you and your ideas the attention you crave.

I have been studying this process for over a decade and I think it’s time to revisit the essentials of how to use content marketing to get a following in 2018. Interested? Let’s keep going…

Today I want to talk with you about the first part of the equation — finding good s***. In my opinion it’s easy to find good s*** — what most people don’t realize is that you can make good s*** find you. There is a little appreciated technology called RSS that can make all the difference in your thought leadership world. Here is the best and simplest explanation I have ever found and even though it was done in 2007 it’s still a great explanation:

Here’s what I hope you will take away from the video above. RSS is like a radio signal and just like with radio there are many devices that can tune into that signal and take advantage of the content. There are actually three different “devices” that I use on a regular basis: the first is the WordPress Reader, the second is Google News and the best is Inoreader. In the following video I’m going to break them down and show you what I mean.

Hopefully after this video you’ll see that Making good s*** come to you can be fun and easy and it will also give you a competitive advantage. According to the Pew study on the internet in the American Life only about 11% of All American internet users know that such a technology and Tool exists. If you do the work and continue to master content readers you will always be ahead of the game.

WordPress is just one of the feed readers that are available. If you’re not using WordPress as your website, it probably doesn’t make much sense to use that as your feed reader. A far better and more advance feed reader tool is Inoreader. I have included a couple of screencasts for you here:

Some of the most popular screencasts I’ve ever done are about how to use it:

Before I continue on please let me know in the comments what questions you have about content readers.

Mindfulness Tips for Millennials

As millennials, we are at an age where our lives are constantly disrupted. Our plans and ideas are ever-changing. We have very little control over outside circumstances (at least it often seems that way). And that is stressful and often infuriating! There seems to be no time to focus on our inner voices because everything […]

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Mark Epstein; The One You Feed #mindfulness

Mark Epstein is a psychiatrist in private practice in NYC and the author of many books about the intersection of Buddhism and psychotherapy. He’s currently the clinical assistant professor in the postdoctoral program in Psychotherapy and Psychoanalysis at New York University. His most recent book, Advice Not Given; A Guide to Getting Over Yourself is what he… Listen in!

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Get Comfy with the WordPress Reader

When you become a part of, you’re actually getting two awesome services: your blog (and/or website), plus your Reader — a place where you can read posts from sites on and even outside of We’ll help you get comfortable with both to help you get the most out of Source: Get Comfy

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