Practicing Radical Acceptance Step by Step

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Sandra Boulianne

Observe that you are questionning or fighting reality (“It shouldn’t be this way”).

Remind yourself that the unpleasant reality is just as it is and cannot be changed (“This is what happened”).

Remind yourself that there are causes for the reality. Acknowledge that some sort of history led up to this very moment. Consider how people’s lives have been shaped by a series of factors. Notice that given these causal factors and how history led up to this moment, this reality had to occur just this way (“This is how things happened”).

Practice accepting with the whole self (mind, body, and spirit). Be crative in finding ways to involve your whole self. Use accepting self-talk – but also consider using relaxation; mindfulness or your breath; half-smiling and willing hands while thinking about what feels unacceptable; payer; going to a place that helps bring you to acceptance; or imagery.

Practice opposite…

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