5 Cool Tools for Archiving Social Media Posts


Tammy Kahn Fennell has a nice post here:

Whether you’re actively posting or just browsing through your social streams, things move pretty fast.  A post is often there one minute and gone the next. With hundreds of millions of status updates and tweets sent every day, finding them later is next to impossible. Here are 5 tools to help you hang on to those updates through archiving social media posts you’d like to save.

Do check out her original post here: 5 Cool Tools for Archiving Social Media Posts.

I’d like to suggest that the best of them all is a tool that did not make her list. It’s a tool with a name so silly I fear that many will not take it seriously, but it’s called RebelMouse…

RebelMouse can integrate content from all of the following sources…

Click image to enlarge...
Click image to enlarge…

But wait, there’s more! RebelMouse did a fantastic job with their WordPress integration tools [for both .com and hosted versions] — you can easily add your RebelMouse page to your website or sidebar like I’ve done here

6-25-2013 10-27-00 AM

And now for the best part. If you ‘power your site’ with RebelMouse for $10 per month, you can attach your RebelMouse page to your domain for enhanced Search Engine Optimization [SEO].

So, in summary;

  • It collects everything from the social media tools you’re using
  • It displays them in an eye appealing Pinterest format automatically
  • It helps with Search Engine Optimization [SEO] if you upgrade…

I’m sold. How about you?

7 thoughts on “5 Cool Tools for Archiving Social Media Posts

  1. Thanks for adding to my post! I do like RebelMouse – a great addition!


    1. I’m glad you don’t mind. Personally, I believe that these archive tools must have Search Engine Optimization [SEO] benefits or else I’m not interested. Pocket is a great tool for example, but it’s useless to anyone but me. RebelMouse is versatile and it adds tremendous value…


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