Heartbleed: A Teachable Moment About Passwords

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The Huffington Post writes:

According to experts, it’s wise to see if the Heartbleed bug has affected the websites you visit most. CNET has compiled a list of the top 100 sites across the web that shows which sites are vulnerable to this bug. When you look at CNET’s list you’ll notice that a password change is recommended for most sites including Google, Facebook, YouTube, Yahoo and more.

Before you join the collective groan being heard around the Internet at the prospect of changing your passwords, look at the bright side. This security glitch actually offers parents and their kids an opportunity to share an important and timely “teachable” moment. Why not use Heartbleed as reason to talk to your kids [and adults!] about how and why to make safe and secure passwords in the first place?

via Heartbleed: A Teachable Moment About Passwords | Diana Graber.

Here’s a tip that most of my clients and students love for creating relatively secure passwords that you won’t forget:

  • Pick 3 numbers
  • Pick 3 letters
  • Pick a special character like !

Now, for each website where you need a password, use the 3 numbers followed by the name of the website or service you are using and use a capital letter. Follow that with the 3 letters and the special character so that your WordPress password would be something like this:


Like I said — relatively secure and you’ll never forget it — just be sure that your number and letter combinations are relatively random!

Update: April 11…

It doesn’t do any good to change your password in a service that has not been updated to protect itself against Heartbleed because your new password will be subject to the same concerns. Check this list of services that has already been updated and in which you can safely change your password. Other than that, be on the lookout for emails from service providers who are telling you it’s now ok to update your password in their service. Questions? Feedback?

My current list of WordPress plugins…

Here’s what I depend upon for my self-hosted WordPress site. Do you have any good ones I’m missing? What and why?

12-4-2013 11-30-39 AM
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The blessed day for our Thanksgiving dinner has arrived!

Here’s my recipe – time to get cooking!

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Power your Social Media with Content from RSS

One of my most cherished maxims is ‘Einstein’s Razor’ which says ‘things must be made a simple as possible but no simpler’. Along with that I usually say something to the effect of ‘never use two tools where one will do’ or ‘use exactly as many tools as you need and not a single one more’. These ‘guiding lights’ are the reason why I use HootSuite as my social media ‘command center’. If you are someone looking to simplify your social media workflow I highly recommend it as a ‘Swiss Army knife’ of social media. Here’s one of the reasons why…

There may be other tools that handle RSS feeds better — Feedly, Digg and Feedsource come to mind as solutions for some users — but if you’re looking for a single tool that does it all, try HootSuite. Most users will do fine on the free version, but if you need to add more than 5 social networks or you’re lucky enough to be part of a social media team, you’ll need the Pro version!

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No matter…

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Dalai Lama’s guide to happiness

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A great leader…

via Dilbert comic strip for 11/23/2013 from the official Dilbert comic strips archive.

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Google+ Care Package

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A Musical Genius: Usman Riaz at TEDxGateway…

He learned how to play guitar via YouTube…

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Life is Everything

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Light Your Own Candle

. Light Your Own Candle by Dodinsky (@Dodinsky) at @SimpleReminders

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Shotgun Blues

John Belushi sings the blues…

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Life is like riding a bicycle…

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There’s always someone who will do it cheaper!

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Let everything happen to you…

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The mind is everything…

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I love you…

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What is Google+ and why do I need it?

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A license to spy…

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There comes a point…

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Gateways to Happiness…

May I recommend this audio podcast by Tara Brach? I especially liked the part about dogs toward the end:

While we all want to be happy, our habitual ways of pursuing happiness leave us dissatisfied. What prevents us from being happy? What is true happiness? How do we relax and open to the blessings of our life that are always and already here? Though these reflections we explore together our potential to live from a profound place of inner freedom, peace and happiness. Direct download: 2008-02-06-Gateways-to-Happiness-TaraBrach.mp3 via Tara Brach

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