Google Is Very Creepy [And That’s What Makes It So Awesome?]

4fcaeaaf838874222f7fa0d40206d0a5[1]The title belongs to writer Tony Bradley, not me, but I like the conclusion of his article in Forbes:

I wouldn’t go so far as to say that privacy is “dead”. Suffice it to say, our relationship with privacy has changed as a function of the benefits we can receive in exchange for that privacy. The reality is that you’re not completely giving up your privacy. Your neighbors, or the stranger you pass on the street won’t know anything about you. You’re choosing to enter into a mutually beneficial arrangement that exchanges personal information for services. You’re surrendering some of your privacy to Google, and you’re putting some trust in Google that it will both guard your personal information so your privacy isn’t truly violated, and that it will not do anything shady or unethical with your data itself.

That’s a lot of faith to put in Google–or any company for that matter. But, if you’re willing to take that leap of faith your technology can do amazing things and make your life simpler and more efficient. The more integrated you are in the Google ecosystem–the more Google services you use, and the more extensively you use them–the more value you will get from the relevant, context-aware features Google has put in place.

Source: Google Is Very Creepy, And That’s What Makes It So Awesome – Forbes

Me? I sold my soul to Google a long time ago. You, however, should think about the implications…


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