The True Meaning of Compassion

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The True Meaning of Compassion

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"As man draws nearer to the stars, why should he not also draw nearer to his neighbor?" ~ Lyndon B. Johnson

It’s precisely the thought we should all be holding near to our hearts this evening—pushing aside judgement, and offering instead the best parts of our most human spirit.
I suspect there will be much information flooding our networks over these next hours and days; and it will be quite easy to fall backwards and into our emotions…causing us to lose our touch with the humanity of this place.
And though, it’s perfectly human to feel such huge emotions—we must remember to use those emotions to help carry forward a much more positive…and much needed change.
We are all just visitors here—all members of the family, ‘human.’
And though, our spirits are all so brilliantly unique—in matters of the heart, you’ll find, we’re not so very much different.

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