Self compassion

Radical Self-Compassion

Tara Brach is one of my favorite teachers. Here she talks about loving ourselves into healing with the practice of RAIN: Radical Self-Compassion

Tara Talks: Pathway to the Sacred

Watch “The Jewel in the Lotus: Cultivating Compassion with @TaraBrach” on YouTube

How to Navigate Grief at Work

Source: How to Navigate Grief at Work – MEL Magazine

We Talked to Experts About Why Most ‘Male Allies’ Are Full of Shit

Source: We Talked to Experts About Why Most ‘Male Allies’ Are Full of Shit – MEL Magazine

Why Women Need Fierce Self-Compassion

Noted compassion author Kristen Neff has an article I feel is worth sharing:

Women need to fully embrace and integrate both tender and fierce compassion if we are ever going to free ourselves from patriarchy: Why Women Need Fierce Self-Compassion – Self-Compassion

Recommended: The Mindful Self-Compassion Workbook: A Proven Way to Accept Yourself, Build Inner Strength, and Thrive

224: Cheri Huber; The One You Feed

Eric Zimmer writes: Cheri Huber is the author of 20 books and has been a student of zen for 35 years. She founded the Mountain View Zen Center and the Zen Monastery Peace Center, both in California, where she and other monks teach workshops and hold retreats. She is also a truth telling, light hearted delight to listen to. In this interview, she talks all about what is going on in our mind and how we can better work with it to produce a better experience in life. Her wisdom is so practical and so powerful. See for yourself in this transformative episode. Go the source and listen to the podcast: 224: Cheri Huber – The One You Feed

How To Stop Lying To Yourself

The first principle is that you must not fool yourself. Source: How To Stop Lying To Yourself – Better Humans

Interesting insights from an unlikely source: Dolph Lundgren on healing and forgiveness

Why I Believe That Feeling Offended Is a Choice

I used to get offended all the time. Then I started learning about how we interact with our thinking and realized I could see things differently. Source: Why I Believe That Feeling Offended Is a Choice – Tiny Buddha

3 Ways Meditation Dramatically Improved My Life Quality

Skeptical about meditation? Think it’s “wasting time”? I once felt like that too–but it’s helped my life so profoundly. Source: 3 Ways Meditation Dramatically Improved My Life Quality | Peaceful Dumpling

Both Happiness and Unhappiness are Unsatisfactory

The Buddha knew that because both happiness and unhappiness are unsatisfactory, they have the same value. When happiness arose he let it go. Source: Both Happiness and Unhappiness are Unsatisfactory, by Ajahn Chah – Buddhism now

Pema Chödrön and Jack Kornfield in conversation

A conversation with Pema Chödrön and Jack Kornfield about the everyday difficulties that provoke us, and ultimately transform us. Source: Pema Chödrön and Jack Kornfield in conversation – Lion’s Roar

Why It’s Hard to Let Go of Your Self-Limiting Beliefs

Research explains why there’s a good chance you’re more capable than you think. Source: Why It’s Hard to Let Go of Your Self-Limiting Beliefs | Psychology Today

Matthieu Ricard’s Journey to #Compassion

Scientist, monk, best-selling author, humanitarian—how Matthieu Ricard discovered that caring for others is the only answer. Source: Matthieu Ricard’s Journey to Compassion – Lion’s Roar

8 Ways to Live Compassionately In the Present Moment

If this was my last day on earth, my words to all of you would be is to live with an open, wise and compassionate heart. Please do no harm: to yourself and to all beings. Please recognize the sacredness of life and cherish it. You may want to consider being a vegetarian so you don’t contribute to hurting animals. Source: 8 Ways to Live Compassionately In the Present Moment | Inspire Me Today®

Compassion Fatigue

The effects of disasters can be long-lasting. Source: Compassion Fatigue | Psychology Today

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