New Rule: All Purchases Subject to a Mental Quarantine

Overwhelmed by shtuff? Consider this!

My wife and I are setting up a customs screening station in our driveway. No, we’re not starting an international airport. And it’s not for solicitors, strangers or gift-bearing guests. It’s for us and our stuff. From now on, before anything new comes into the house, resident buyers will need to answer a series of questions. How much did it cost? Are you replacing something you already own? Why do you think it’s amazing? And if it’s food, are you sure you’ll eat it? We’re doing this because stuff is taking over our home. And right now we’re in the process of getting rid of things we never use. We’re organizing, sorting and throwing things out from one end of the house to the other. And it feels. So. Good.

Go to the source for the rest of the article: New Rule: All Purchases Subject to a 7-Day Mental Quarantine – The New York Times

It reminds me of the old Paul McCartney song ‘Singalong Junk’: Buy! Buy! Says the sign in the shop window. Why? Why? Says the junk in the yard…

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