4 Tips To Stop Saying Things You Wish You Could Take Back

4 Tips To Stop Saying Things You Wish You Could Take Back

Hayley Hobson

Last year I was back East visiting my parents for a few days when my mother and I got into one of our spats. I love my mother more than I can articulate, but we get into arguments every once in a while that leave us on non-speaking terms for days. Not good.  

It usually ruins our stay together and I end up feeling like a train wreck. We say things we regret, and when the argument is over, neither of us can even remember how it began. We’re out of alignment, and if I’m out of alignment with even one person in my life, I feel out of alignment with the entire universe.

Can you relate? Have you ever said something that was either so ridiculous or so spiteful that you wish you could take it back? 

Of course you have. 

I know I have. Too many times. 

We all become monsters of our madness at certain times in our lives. Our stress can definitely get the best of us. With so much going on around us every minute in this very intense and competitive world, it’s easy to see why we may react without thoughtfulness. 

However, as crazy as our lives may be, there is absolutely no excuse for atrocious behavior. 

So, what’s the best way to stop yourself from saying things that you don’t really mean? How do you prevent yourself from sticking your foot in your mouth to begin with, so you never have to eat your words?

Full story at: 4 Tips To Stop Saying Things You Wish You Could Take Back.

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