When Things Get Crazy, Do This!

Christine Hassler writes:

How you respond to the not-so-good times is an even better reflection of how far you’ve come in your growth. Keep reading as I share a powerful meditation that will support being peaceful in the midst of a storm. By peaceful I don’t mean that you aren’t going to have emotions. You deserve to express your feelings when it feels like life is handing you a 1,000 piece jigsaw puzzle. Just don’t sit in them too long and become a victim.  And don’t remain in such righteousness that you stop trusting the divine plan of the Uni-verse.

I too had my share of challenges over the past two weeks and I am incredibly grateful for them because I was able to see (and celebrate) how far I’ve come in my own journey. Even in the midst of a lot of stress, I remained kind to myself, kept up my meditation practice, took responsibility for my inner experience, and leaned more into love. It was such a gift from the Uni-verse for me to witness myself going through the past two weeks in the loving and peaceful way that I did.

When things get crazy in your life can you…

See the gift in the midst of a challenge?

Recognize your opportunity to respond differently?

Will you…

Choose love over fear?

Engage in proactive self-care over reactive stress?

Something I teach my clients and practice frequently in the midst of stress is a meditation process I call “I am / I let go.” It’s a very simple process that I demonstrate in the video.

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