Spirituality and Stilettos

Jackie-portraitOne of my favorite bloggers, Jackie Dumaine, has a beautiful post on her blog on the topic of spirituality:

“Being “Spiritual” does not mean giving up who you are.  In fact, it’s quite the opposite.

It’s about embracing who you are.

Being “Spiritual” does not mean giving up wine night with the girls or refraining from buying a new pair of stilettos (or two).  It means embracing varying levels of friendships and the little pleasures that life has to offer, without being attached to them for your happiness.

Being “Spiritual” does not mean giving up the desire to succeed and become financially abundant.  It means understanding the fact that money is energy and can be used to invest in life changing experiences and create massive change on the planet.

Being “Spiritual” does not mean you need to give up your corporate or day job in order to volunteer in an African orphanage in the hopes of fulfilling your purpose (although, please feel free to do so).  It means being aware that your “purpose” could simply be to help others while making them smile and your corporate office may be the perfect place for that.

Being “Spiritual” does not mean living in constant and never ending state of happiness, sweetness and bliss (beware of people who are).  It means when you get angry, sad, overwhelmed or pissed off you simply try to understand where it’s coming from, learn, grow and move forward.

Being “Spiritual” does not mean your bookshelves need to be lined with Wayne Dyer,  Louise Hay and Deepak Chopra.  It means reading and absorbing anything that inspires you, even if that happens to be 50 Shades of Grey (yes, I’ve read it).

Being “Spiritual” does not mean revising your entire iPod playlist to only include Deva Premal, Tibetan Monk Chanting or birds chirping in the Amazon rain forest.  It means choosing music that speaks to your heart, regardless if it includes Rhianna, Madonna or Def Leppard (yes, I said Def Leppard).

Being “Spiritual” does not mean you need to meditate for hours a day or Ommmm your way out of chaos.  It means embracing the fact that life is in a constant state of flux and all that’s required is that you do your best to stay present in the moment.  And be grateful for that moment.

Being “Spiritual” does not mean being perfect.  It’s means acknowledging your dents, flaws and your shadow – embracing them all and/or having the courage to create the change needed to bring you closer to who you truly are – pure, sweet, Joy.

It took me a while to find the balance between the driven entrepreneur and the spiritual yogi – but I think I’ve found it.

I no longer need to feel like I’m letting either “side” of my Self down.  I no longer feel compelled to “switch personalities” depending on my external environment or who I’m with, but rather allow each intricate layer of myself to flow and merge into one whole Being.

I’ll repeat:  Being “spiritual” does not mean giving up who you are.

It’s about embracing all parts of who you are: The Dark, The Light, The Divine

Today, I celebrate ME.

I embrace myself wholly and completely.  May you embrace yourself in the same way.”

Full story at:  Blog | Jackie Dumaine.


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