The Hero’s Journey to Your Own Heart

Dr. Ingrid Mathieu writes:

As a psychologist, I am privileged to witness people engaging with questions of whom they are and want to be, where they are and want to go. I often think of my work as being an invited guest on an excavation into the depths of someone’s being. It is too dark to take the journey alone, but when we both put our headlamps on and take one step at a time into the darkness, we can see what lies ahead. We can remove the obstacles that stand in our way and plunge even deeper toward the treasure that we seek.

The obstacles people find can often be a cause for confusion. This is because every time we put the headlamp on to go exploring, we are afraid of what we are going to find. When we stumble upon the unexpected, we automatically write a story about what it means. We determine that we are “crazy” or on the wrong track and that we shouldn’t keep moving forward. We see the obstacle and say, “there is the evidence that I will never get what I want, so why did I even bother?”

We often look at our lives as proof of how we are doing it wrong instead of how we are doing it right.” Full story at:  The Hero’s Journey to Your Own Heart « Positively Positive.

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