How to Never Forget Anything Again

Leo Babauta writes:

The human brain is a wonderful thing, but it’s a bit faulty as a tool for remembering things. Luckily for us (and for our frazzled brains), technology has stepped in to help out.

With the proper habits and the right tools, you and your brain won’t have to remember a thing again.

There are a host of tech tools that can help with taking notes, managing projects and to-dos, and manage your email and calendar needs just fine. Though I’ll include the best choices below, these tools are just one piece of the puzzle. There are more elegant methods (ever scheduled something in Google Calendar via voicemail?)…

To really never have to remember a thing again, you have to combine a few tools in smart and comprehensive fashion, and even more important, you have to develop specific habits that will ensure that things don’t slip between the cracks … because the cracks just get bigger and bigger with more time and more data.

In this post I’ll look at some of the requirements of a “Never Forget Again” system, along with 4 key habits for using that system. I’ll include my setup, as well as some other tools you can use to develop your own setup.” Read the rest of the article here: How to Never Forget Anything Again.

Like Leo, I use Evernote, Gmail and Google Calendar, but I use Google tasks instead of ‘Anxiety’. Evernote is always available and syncronizes between devices and supports Leo’s 4 critical habits as well as David Allen’s Getting Things Done [GTD] principles…

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