Healthy Phones?

Your phone may be able to help you live a healthier lifestyle, according to a new study.

Being able to connect with a personal coach, who receives your nutrition and exercise information and can then support and encourage you, could help people to live healthier lifestyles, according to new research.

And participants in the study made healthier choices — including eating more fruits and vegetables, and partaking in fewer sedentary activities — even 20 weeks later, according to the study, published in the journal Archives of Internal Medicine.” Get more here:  How Your Phone Could Help You Lead A Healthier Lifestyle.

I’ve written before about how Endomondo is changing my life by encouraging me to keep up my fitness routine and keeping track of what I do. Since I started using this app to track my walking and cycling, I have lost 10 pounds and a lot of inches…

Fitness apps I use and recommend?

  1. Gotta have workout music!

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