What can attachment theory teach you about yourself and your relationships?

Confession. I struggle with attachment styles and I’m looking to change mine. It starts with an assessment you can find in the article I reference here: “How do you feel when your partner doesn’t respond to your text right away? Is it easy for you to express your feelings to friends or loved ones, or do you struggle? Do you stay in touch with exes? Worry your current partner will leave you?

How you answered those questions can offer some insight into your attachment style. According to the field of attachment theory, each person has a unique attachment style that informs how you relate to intimacy: secure, anxious, avoidant and a small subset who are anxious-avoidant.” Source: What can attachment theory teach you about yourself and your relationships? : Life Kit : NPR

Here’s how I scored:

LOL. How can someone be secure and anxious at the same time? That’s what I need to understand! No doubt it has to do with my origin story but I can’t that narrative rule me for the rest of my life…

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