Life Unsalted

Last weekend, Mary Katherine purchased a copy of this map for me. I first saw it while shopping with Tommy and Jenna in Grand Haven the weekend Rosie and Chris were married. I have always loved the lake, but the thought occurred to me that much of my life has been worked out in the frame of this map; Chicago suburbs, Wisconsin (including Algoma) and now Lansing.

There are a lot of reasons that Michigan feels like home; one of them is that when I was younger, I spent a lot of time here with family and friends. Senior ditch day and post prom were at Warren Dunes, I learned to drive and to water ski on White Lake near Whitehall while camping at Muskegon State Park, as well as the countless other trips to the Sister Lakes region with Chuck Rigali and his family…

Last Sunday was the first Sunday I had off since moving to Michigan on July 1. Mary Katherine and I drove from Lansing to Whitehall and down the scenic road to Grand Haven where we shopped, had a lovely meal and then sat by the Grand River watching the boats go back and forth along the waterfront.

That brings me to the biggest reason why Michigan feels like home; Mary Katherine. While some days like last Sunday are more fun than others, every day with this woman is a delight. I didn’t know it was possible for two people to live so happily and in harmony with one another and I certainly did not expect it in my lifetime and yet, here I am in this moment and it is a good one and I am grateful.

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