The Embrace of Equine Love and Compassion

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The Mystic Horse Chronicle

Amoura and Kaheka

Before leaving the horses in the evenings, I often check in with each one. Kaheka and I have hit a few bumps in the road lately, and he was not acknowledging me when I asked if he wanted to give me a kiss which I’m not prone to force. He continued to ignore me as I tried to engage him about possible hurt feelings.

In the meantime, I sensed another horse behind me. It was Amoura. I shifted my conversation to her noticing she looked very sad. As I mentioned her sadness, Kaheka, who had been ignoring me, stepped forward briskly and started massaging her withers at the base of her mane. She in turn did the same for him, both of them standing side by side looking in opposite directions as they embraced one another with their massaging hugs. I stepped back and absorbed the joy…

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