6 Tell-Tale Signs You’re Not Ready for a Relationship (Yet)

Many relationships are without a purpose or vision. Unsurprisingly, these relationships consist of individuals without a purpose and vision as well. A purpose is a sense of why you exist and what you feel lead or called to accomplish in your time on Earth. Your vision is what you have indicated are the objectives in the future you will accomplish. Many people believe in putting the cart before the horse and getting into a relationship then defining their purpose and vision. Unfortunately, this often leads to dating and investing in unfulfilling relationships while living an unfulfilling life. Establishing your purpose and vision first allows you to establish a fulfilling life while minimizing the number of unfulfilling relationships and people in your life. Take some time and explore your personal values. Create your purpose and vision statements as well. Then live accordingly. Source: https://psychcentral.com/blog/6-tell-tale-signs-youre-not-ready-for-a-relationship-yet/

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