What Does Evolutionary Psychology Have to Do With the Digital World?

Millions of years of evolution have shaped us to best deal with the challenges we face in nature.

Over the course of those years, the human brain has tripled in size, we have transitioned to standing and moving on two legs, and we have become the dominant species in the animal world. Yet none of this has prepared us to cope with a digital environment that constantly challenges our natural tendencies. In recent years, that environment has been changing at such a rapid pace that it is impossible for the forces of evolution to make the necessary adjustments to our natural tendencies, which have not yet adapted to the digital environment: https://www.cmswire.com/customer-experience/what-does-evolutionary-psychology-have-to-do-with-our-digital-world/?utm_source=cmswire.com&utm_medium=web-rss&utm_campaign=cm&utm_content=all-articles-rss

What do you think?

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