Biting my lip

I’m an unabashed fan of Germany. Today they became the 4th team in the past 5 world cups to be eliminated in the Group Stage. Sux2beme…

FC Bayern Wisconsin, USA

Whatever the outcome of the game, it has already been determined. Unfortunately, I had an unavoidable meeting that coincided precisely with the game. I recorded the game on YouTube TV which allows me to watch the replay at 1.5x speed and I’m chewing my nails while sitting on pins and needles watching the game in fast motion.

Rather than risk hearing the outcome, I put my phone on airplane mode and now I’m just catching up with the outcome that everyone else knows. I wonder why Müller is not playing but I dare not try to find out because I might see a score! I can’t even click the notification icon in Gmail for fear I’ll see the outcome…

31 minutes in, Germany has not found or pressed an advantage. Commentators say the game is too narrow — right up the middle and predictable. KOR is handling GER easily. Shit!…

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