What Acceptance Looks Like

Ease The Ride

I’ve spent a lot of my time feeling resentful about the opportunities I didn’t have as a child and grieving those losses. I’ve spent even more time beating myself up for the gross missteps I made as a teenager and young adult with few functional coping skills. A huge goal of mine is to finally move past these things and settle firmly into a place of acceptance.

Acceptance and I have a complicated the relationship. We do the dance typical of someone with unresolved issues. I can talk the talk, verbalize exactly what pieces of my past I need to let go of and why holding onto them is so detrimental. Some days, I even move into a place where I feel like I espouse the picture of acceptance. I feel free and empowered. Nothing bothers me! I’ve let it all go! Woo!

Heh. You know it’s not that…

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