Crossing The Water; Bill Staines

We are crossing the water our whole life through
We are making a passage that is straight and true
Every heart is a vessel, every dream is a light
Shining through the darkness of the blackest night

For there is no shallow water, and naught but love to keep
Us safely from the dangers and the devils of the deep
Yet with every breath within us we search forevermore
To find some peaceful harbor on that far-off shore

For some it is a glory, for some it is a game
For some it is a story filled with emptiness and pain
But as rising winds in chorus, we search for steady ground
There is only that before us there can be no turning ’round

For there is no other journey that will ever be the same
No second chance arising that will call you by your name
When the welling waves wash o’er you, and the stormy winds they drive
Give your heart a song, sing it loud and strong, keep your dreams alive

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