I see

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A Pensieve View

My senses are relentless. Because they feed my thoughts. My thoughts lead to speculation. And, eventually, I will ask the question, “Are you okay?”

I’ve lived with this heightened awareness and (excessive?) empathy for as long as I can remember. It doesn’t feel like it’s my choice to look for those signs in others of discomfort, pain, inner struggle.

I just feel it. Notice it.

I see.

And I struggle with deciding who and when to offer some type of support.

I want to fix it all.

I can’t.

I have my own issues that need fixing. I meet very few fellow empaths. People that are willing to carry my struggles with me. But even when others try, I struggle to convey the depth of the pain.

In contrast, I feel the depth of pain in others. Sometimes without them saying a single word.

I see how heavy the darkness…

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