Life is Not about What You Could Have Been, But What Could Be

There is so much that goes on in life. Some good and others bad, but it is all part of what makes us grow. Sometimes, especially in the toughest of times, we often wish for what could have been as a way to console ourselves and move past these situations. Sadly, the trick does not work. This is part of being human and facing life. Without such circumstances, then, you are not living. How else will you know you tried if not feeling such emotions? The ‘what could have been’ moment Most of the times when we have these moments, it is a show of regret. Whether it is something we had control over or not, we have to face such moments and look forward to what could be. Regrets only delay progress. Spending too much time trying to figure out what went wrong when experiencing regret worsens the situation. All the steps and thoughts that could have prevented the situation from becoming, usually comes up then. As soon as it happens, you may end up hating yourself. On the contrary, it is not all

Source: Life is Not about What You Could Have Been, But What Could Be | Improve Yourself


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