Not Everyone Will Know How to Love You; Let Them…


“Perhaps, the problem is not the intensity of your love,
but the quality of the people you are loving.”
-Warsan Shire

People will misunderstand, formulate and create misguided opinions of you no matter how diligently you’ve proved differently…

Let them.

People will judge, condemn and confine you to their own preconceived boxes from which you have no chance of escape…

Let them.


Let them…

ONLY LOVE YOU FOR YOU. Not some projected image of who they expect you to be.


Let them…

ONLY ACCEPT YOU JUST AS YOU ARE, and if that is something they cannot do…save yourself and walk away.

You cannot force love from the people who are never quite ready and may likely never know how, but another person’s inability to love you does not diminish your worthiness and make you any less deserving of being understood and loved.

Your self-worth is far beyond judgment and mistreatment, and your life far more valuable than spent wasted in convincing someone else of something they refuse to see…

Let them…GO.

It is their misunderstandings, thoughts, opinions and judgments about you which are faulty, not you as a human.

The misconceptions of another is not your burden to bear…

Let them…GO.

Your humanness is not FAULTY, unlovable, unworthy, broken or any other lies you’ve told yourself.

History needn’t repeat itself, and painful wounds from the past needn’t be reopened, only healing…

Let them.

Not everyone will know how to love you…

Let them.

But realize you are worthy, valuable and destined for greatness…

Let them…settle.

But not you.

You are strong enough to walk away from anything incapable of reciprocating the love you deserve. Your entire essence of being radiates an irrefutable proof that you LOVE YOURSELF, and by loving yourself with such an intensity, the doors have inevitably opened to the possibility of someone else to enter your life baring the same capacity to love you.

So when this special person comes to love you…

Let them.

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