#recommendedread – Adopting A Self-Care Mindset That Will Stick

What comes to mind when you think about self-care? Do you associate self-care with being selfish? Or do you see the benefits, but feel you’re coming up short in sticking with your own plan? Perhaps you find yourself wishing: “If I could just stick with a regular self-care practice, then everything would feel right in my world.”
Whatever comes up for you when you think about self-care, imagine what it might be like to realize you already have a solid self-care practice – you just have to recognize it. What I am talking about is shifting the way you think about self-care to appreciate yourself for everything you ARE doing on a regular basis.
Often what is missing in our self-care practice is self-awareness. When we grow our awareness of everything we already do, we begin to appreciate the gifts we regularly give ourselves.
Here are 3 easy tricks to help you adopt a self-care mindset that will stick:

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