Are You Sabotaging Yourself

My friend Kristin Barton Cuthriell has arrived again! She has a guest post on @notsalmon’s blog in which she writes:

Are you sabotaging yourself?

If so, it is time to stop! Try treating yourself with kindness and see what happens.

We often consciously (or unconsciously) sabotage ourselves because we do not think that we deserve to be successful in life. We may have made mistakes in the past that we have been unable (or unwilling) to forgive. We may self-sabotage by habitually selling ourselves short, thinking that our goals and dreams are unreachable. We may discount our own internal resources – and deny our own personal strengths. We may unconsciously sabotage situations and relationships that are really good for us.

via Are You Sabotaging Yourself.

This one’s for you, Q3L…

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