Things to think about when picking a theme

You want one that is responsive and has customs posts at the very least. Here’s how to find them…


15 thoughts on “Things to think about when picking a theme

  1. Todd, thanks for this video. It is a big help for someone like me, a relative beginner with WP who’s at the point of needing to pick a theme “for real.”

    The only thing I was sorry about was when you said that you weren’t going to go into a lot of the other criteria you use when picking a theme.

    If you had the time to do a follow up post on this topic to address some of these other criteria, I, and I’m certain many others among your readers, would really appreciate it.

    Thanks again,


      1. Thanks for responding, Todd. First, generally speaking, any of the other criteria you referred to in the screencast would be valuable to know.

        One more specific criterion concerns extras supplied by a theme publisher. For example, WooThemes has a free plugin called WooDojo that I just discovered that adds all sorts of, what I’d call extensions, to the theme. Things like incorporating one’s logo into the header quite easily, tabs, a css editor, tab grouping, tabs, widget preview, etc. Would something like this be important to you?

        Do you try to determine how good a publisher’s theme support is and would that make a difference to you in your purchase decision?

        Themes are so important and I’m such a beginner, that I’d welcome any and all criteria that make a difference.



      2. Todd, that was great! Thanks so much, I really got a lot from your presentation. In the meantime, however, I decided to self-host and circumvent the limitations at And I now have a WooThemes theme that I’m trying to learn.

        Again, thanks so much, I appreciate your taking the time to make that video.



      3. I’m really pretty excited about the Woo theme. It’s called Memorable and has features I’ve never even heard of yet :-) It looks like a big learning curve, but I’m looking forward to it.

        Not sure how you knew about the grass-fed beef. I don’t remember mentioning it in any of my comments. Oh, yes, from my email address and my screen name. Duh. Did you visit the site? It’s I did this in RapidWeaver and now we want to move it to WordPress. I’m going to visit your anti-factory blog as soon as I post this.

        I did see your screencast on RebelMouse yesterday. I found it very interesting and informative.

        Thanks for all your help.


      4. I figured it out from your email address. Is the theme responsive and does it have custom posts? If you get stuck I can help. I speak fluent woo…


      5. Yes to both, responsive and custom posts — the first two criteria you stressed in this post. (I pay attention. :-) Thanks for the offer of help. I’ll surely need it.


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