Things to think about when picking a theme

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The Difference Between Dreaming and Having Vision

“He was a dreamer, a thinker, a speculative philosopher… or, as his wife would have it, an idiot.” ~Douglas Adams

What is this self inside us…

A great quote from Kristen Neff’s book on self-compassion which I highly recommend…

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What do you think about in your downtime moments?


via What do you think about in your downtime moments?.


The best of @toddlohenry for 8/6/2012

The best of @toddlohenry for 8/6/2012 with images · toddlohenry · Storify.

How to Not Let Words Hurt You

The echoes of what someone else has said about you keeps repeating over and over in your head. You can’t seem to shut it out.The worst part is, it has made you upset or extremely angered by that person who said those mean things about you. That’s all you feel and think about all day. Your day is ruined. Has this ever happened to you?” Get the answer here: How to Not Let Words Hurt You.

Just Because Something is Fun For Someone Else Doesn’t Mean It’s Fun For You

The Happiness Project via Just Because Something is Fun For Someone Else Doesn’t Mean It’s Fun For You..

On possessions…

Road from Possessions Corner

How important is the stuff in your life?

Your material possessions—those things you’ve worked so hard for, slaving 40, 50, 60 hours a week to acquire—how much value do they actually add to your life?

We bet it’s less than you realize.

Here’s an exercise for you. Take a moment, write down your 10 most expensive material possessions from the last decade. Things like your car, your house, your jewelry, your furniture, and any other material possessions you own or have owned in the last ten years. The big ticket items.

Next to that list, make another top 10 list: 10 things that add the most value to your life. This list might include experiences like catching a sunset with a loved one, watching your kid play baseball, eating dinner with your parents, etc.

Be honest with yourself when you’re making these lists. It’s likely that both lists share zero things in common.

via The Minimalists | 10/10 Material Possessions Theory.

That other “F” word

Adaptation of above image illustrating an Inte...

Nicholas Bate talks about failure…

We need courage to help us with failure. There: we’ve said it. Failure which is often harder to drop into a conversation than the term explicit sex. But we do need failure. Not failure the result: losing the business, losing the girl, failing the interview. But failure the process: learning, improving, iterating, removing slack, becoming lean, becoming fighting-fit, installing effectiveness, developing wired-in muscle memory, just knowing, getting really really good, broadening, widening, gaining wisdom, picking yourself up and smiling and trying once again. Yeah, that. The whole process requires lots and lots of crappy failure. And we don’t like it: we want approval, we want love, we want accolades. But hang on a minute: no, you don’t. You really want to grow, you really want to discover who the heck you are, you really want to see just what your limits are. You want to start creating your personal greatest works. And you do all of that by failing. Repeatedly. With tears at times. With jeers at others. But stay in the game. The right girl is quietly noting you. The rumours are reaching that elusive agent. Quarter 4 target was a bit of a breeze; just don’t tell HQ in California. The thing is you will fail at whatever you try to be good at, be it juggling (balls will drop) to blogging (posts will bore) to interviews (CVs will fail to impress) to start up pitches (we’ve heard it all before). But from failure you will learn so much more, so much more than success. You really do need courage to stay in the game. It’ll be worth it when you get a real score, a real success. Fail enough and you will get what you want and you will become free. Plus you will get the girl who wants to hang out with a grown-up. Not a kid in a wannabee T-shirt.

Source: That Other F Word – Nicholas Bate

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