Hey, He Took My Blog Post Idea!

Hey, He Took My Blog Post Idea! | Social Media Today

Mike Allton writes:

Have you ever had an idea for a blog post, but before you can write about it, someone else beat you to it? If you write about social media and technology like I do, you probably answered "all the time!" It’s actually quite rare for me to write on a topic that no one else has already. Jeff Bullas goes so far as to say that everything has already been said. I don’t buy into that 100%, but I see his point.

One of the most common instances for me is when I decide to write about an update or development in social media, something "news" oriented. Most of the time, I discover latest developments thanks to the news feeds I’ve set up in Feedly. If Google or Facebook makes an announcement to their blog, I will see it and have an opportunity to write about it. But then as I’m flipping through my other Feedly feeds, I will see several articles from other bloggers talking about the exact same news!

What do you do in that situation?

Full story at: Hey, He Took My Blog Post Idea! | Social Media Today.

When that happens to me, I curate the best content — just like I did here! Of course it’s always good to add value and you can do that by agreeing, disagreeing or adding to the discussion. Curators and museums don’t create original content for their exhibits and you don’t have to rely on your own resources to have an effective blog…

What do you think? Questions? Feedback?

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