Be Aware of the Illusion of Control

Melody Beattie writes:

Remember how it feels when we try to control someone else.

“I was driving down the road one day behind a car that I decided was driving too slowly,” a friend said to me. “I was yelling, raging, and carrying on about the driver in front of me, trying to mentally will him out of my way. I wanted him to move over and let me by.

“While I was driving I observed myself. Then I started to laugh. I wasn’t angry about this driver in front of me. I was angry because I was trying to control something that I couldn’t change.”

Be aware of all your feelings. But also remember to be aware that sometimes it’s not the other person that’s making us crazy. We’re doing it to ourselves.

God, help me be aware of the self-created drama in my life. Help me let go of my need to control. Give me the courage of my feelings. And help me be aware of when my self-will is running riot.” via September 26: Be Aware of the Illusion of Control.

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