What You Can and Cannot Do Under Wisconsin’s Text-messaging Ban

Wisconsin’s new ban on texting while driving takes effect this week, but the law is so specific that it may not limit drivers’ cell phone use like it sounds.

When the law takes effect Wednesday, Wisconsin becomes the 30th state to ban texting while driving. But that’s really all it does.

The list of what you cannot do is quite short:

  • You cannot write a text message or email while your car is in motion
  • You cannot send a text message or email while your car is in motion

That’s it. You can still read text messages or emails. Surfing the Internet is still legal, too.

Scrolling through your contact list, dialing numbers, and talking on your phone while driving? That’s all still fine.

Under this law, you can evens till check your electronic calendar while you’re on the road.

And if you still want to write or send that text or email legally, you can do that when you hit a red light, stop at a stop sign, or are stuck in traffic — whenever you’re not moving.

Law enforcement officials say this texting law is much like the current one for inattentive driving but much more specific.

State statistics show 18 percent of all crashes last year were the result of inattentive driving.

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