In 2023, be like a cat

Eckhart Tolle said ‘I have met many Zen masters in my life. All of them cats’. Maybe be like a cat is good dharma! I have learned much from observing mine.


When a cat falls out of a tree, it let’s go of itself. The cat becomes completely relaxed, and lands lightly on the ground. But if a cat were about to fall out of a tree, and suddenly make up its mind that it didnt want to fall, it would become tense and rigid, and would be just a bag of broken bones upon landing.

It is the philosophy of the Tao that…the moment we were born we were kicked off a precipice and we are falling, and there is nothing that can stop it.

So instead of living in a state of chronic tension and clinging to all sorts of things that are actually falling with us because the whole world is impermanent, be like a cat.

Alan Watts, Whatis Tao?

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