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In this choiceless
Of life,
There is an infinite array
Of choices.
One alone
Brings happiness-
To love
What is

…….Dorothy Hunt

where can we go to be? where can we go to listen? where can we go to know?

Our minds seek comfort. Our hearts seek truth.

What happens when we need to make big, life-impacting decisions? Fear takes over, the voices in our head get loud and bossy and urge us to avoid taking risks. Our ego tries desperately to con us into taking the easy way out.

We, therefore, don’t often make our choices from the heart, we make them from the mind space which governs much of our lives and tends to try to keep us small.

…..Zoe Quiney

The calm within the storm is where peace lives and breathes. It is not within perfect circumstances or a charmed life… it…

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